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Aimees Birth

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Aimees Birth

Post by Emm on Mon Jun 14, 2010 11:17 pm

Both me and Alan my fiancé were watching an episode of 24, we went downstairs and I needed the loo, as I was on my way to the loo I had a bit of period pain and this continued after I had been to the toilet and I kept getting this pain regular although it kept coming and going and then the pain started getting stronger and coming every 2 minutes then I realised I was in labour and so did everyone around me.
I kept calm and remembered my breathing exercises and I called the midwife who suggested I call the hospital which I did and they said that as soon as my contractions were every 2 minutes and lasting about 60 seconds then go into hospital although they couldn’t send an ambulance as it wasn’t classed as an emergency.

I left for the hospital at 18.15, my brothers friends dad drove me and Alan to the hospital and then went back to pick up my mum, dad and brother.

On the way to the hospital I was thinking I really want this baby to come out now and I want this pain to go away. We arrived at the hospital about 18.25.

The first thing I remember about arriving at the hospital is the reception staff saying you got here quick.

Alan and my mum were in the room with me. My mum started crying when Aimee was born and Alan was filling up with tears too.

They were all brilliant

It was a whole lot more painful than I thought it would be but I coped better than I thought I would.
I was shocked when I found out the baby’s sex as I was convinced she was a boy but also happy as can be with the thought of having a gorgeous baby girl. Aimee was given to me after the placenta was delivered.

My mum cut the cord.

From start to finish my labour was 6 ½ hours without pain relief and I had stitches in 2 places.

Baby’s Name is Aimee Louise, born 26th February 2006 at 23.03 weighing 8lb 12oz and she was 9 days late.

Alan made the first phone calls, they were all really happy for us, Aimee’s first visitor was my dad and my brother who were in the waiting room for all that time lol

We brought baby home the following day, Alan drove, the weather was cold but baby was well wrapped up in a vest, and sleep suit with a lovely shawl that my mums friend made for us


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Re: Aimees Birth

Post by Clairey on Tue Jun 15, 2010 2:37 pm

Aww lovely story Hun xx
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