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Oliver 28.1.2009

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Oliver 28.1.2009

Post by mummyluvsoli on Fri Aug 20, 2010 3:57 pm

ok so he's 18months old but i still thought i'd write one ....

from what i can remember ..... and in brief.

On Wednesday 28th January 2009 at 39+3 days pregnant with my first child - a boy, I woke up at 4.30am in pain .. tried settling back to sleep but couldn't because it hurt .. went to my mum's room to tell her baby felt like he was on his way .. she said have a bath/ go back to bed you have ages!! decided to go for a bath .. it helped ease the pain a bit .. got out and then the pain came back (i was practically in and out the bath every minute!)
went downstairs and made some toast .. which i could barely eat .. and went on pc to pass the time.
found it really difficult to time contractions .. kept ringing and text OH who was at the garage was his car and was clueless as to whether he'd get back in time so didn't know what to do.
rang hospital several times .. they kept saying have a bath .. take paracetemol (it didn't work!!) you don't sound like your in pain .. i was in tears i was in absolute agony and had bad back labour (i must have been in agony as i dialed wrong number rang XRAY or something and said i think i'm in labour they said oh this is xray )
I eventually found it too painful to walk and started crawling around on the floor .. by the time OH was there .. he rang hospital for about the 5th time and said look shes crawling around on the floor .. they said ok bring her in.
i was in tears in the car .. felt a huge weight between my legs (must have had the urge to push any longer and he'd have been born in car)
got to delivery suite .. checked in .. took me to one room changed their mind took me to another OH had to park car and i was with my mum .. they asked me to go for a wee .. i told my mum i couldn't and that i need the toilet .. she said no don't that'll be you needed to push .. i remember clinging to her in tears ... mw asked me to get changed so i got into an old nighty i brought she said ok i'll just check how far dilated you are .. do you want anything (e.g gas and air) .. checked me .. oh your nearly fully dilated .. i thought well whats the point in pain meds now.
i was pretty much ready to push .. i vaguely remember this part tbh .. but my mum and OH were squeezing my hands and mopping my forehead apparently ..
baby was facing back to back which made labour more painful
i remember looking down and seeing him looking at me just before his whole body slid out.
Oliver was born at 3.58pm .. i'd only been in the hospital about 30min. weighing 7lb 13oz (we all thought he'd be about 5-6lb ish as my bump wasn't overly huge and he didn't look that big .. he was long though so carried his weight well) and 55cm.
he was laid on my chest straight after for skin to skin.
my mum cut the cord as i wanted in my birth plan and his daddy held him while i got stitched up for a 2nd degree tear .. thats the only thing i got pain relief for. and he held him while i had my bath .. i wanted him to be the first to hold him after the skin to skin.i felt extremely proud of myself for being able to do everything naturally .. i didn't think i would be able to go drug free but mother nature thought differently .. and in awe of the beautiful little boy i had created.

i actually wrote a birth plan but didn't have time to get it out so those 2 last things are what i definately remembered.

i feel very happy with the way my labour went .. it progressed quickly and i managed drug free.

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