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Olivias Grand Entrance

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Olivias Grand Entrance

Post by SimBopShooWop on Wed Oct 06, 2010 2:01 am

Its quite short and sweet lol!
I was 40+3 when i seen the midwife and she gave me a sweep needless to say i think it worked lol

Id been having pains for a few days but they kept stopping and starting so i didnt think at 5pm when the pain started again it would lead to anything !

I didnt time the contractions until id put maddie in bed..and my tea was done lol this was at 8pm.On timing them we noticed they were 3 mins apart,paul asked me how painful i thought they were out of ten and i said three!

My friend vicky was coming to be my birth partner so i got paul to go and pick her up,whilst he was away i noticed they were getting alot stronger!

When paul got back he started pumping the birth pool up outside with the car charger then realised he couldnt fit it through the door so had to deflate haha he carried pumping it in the kitchen.

I rang the mw and told her my contractions were now every 2 mins and i had a tiny urge to push! I was actually worrying that id only be about 4cms,i said id go into hospital if i was as the pain was so intense! She said she wouldnt be long.....

Paul was now filling the pool and i was leaning over my birthing ball holding onto vicky who is 35 weeks pregnant herself lol

Olivia was not going to wait for the midwife!!

I am now pushing with every contraction not intentionally my body was doing it all for me,paul was so calm tho!
i felt down and i could feel babys head which really freakedme out! Paul went and got some hot towels and prepared to "catch" Olivia.

*pop* waters break and i pant the head out! I even had a feel soooo strange! And with the next contraction olivia was born! Second stage must of been about 5 minutes! We only have an approx time of birth too lol 9.05pm but it was the 5th September Smile
Paul tried passing her through my legs but we got in a muddle cos of the cord lol

A couple of minutes later the mw arrives and she cuts the cord i then deliver the placenta naturally on the sofa lol!
Olivia was checked and scored 9 and 10 on her apgars.
I couldnt believe i didnt need stitches! she was 8lb 11oz!

The second mw then arrives and we put on some music and munch tea and biscuits she stayed for over two hours to monitor blood pressure which was fine.

Then i got into my own lovely bed!

heres a piccie Very Happy


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Re: Olivias Grand Entrance

Post by xxRachxx on Fri Oct 08, 2010 5:14 am

wow fab birth story hun congratulations xx



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