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Adams Birth!

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Adams Birth!

Post by ♥ Serenity ♥ on Thu Feb 18, 2010 6:41 am

Please forgive all my spelling mistakes and grammar, I have written this up while iv had a spare 15mins

From the start I’d always been given 2 due dates 31st Jan and 4th of Feb (which I always went by because of the scans ) so the 4th of Feb came and went. No sign of my lil man, my midwife always went by the 31st of Jan, so we decided I would go in for an induction on 10th of Feb, if he still wasn’t here, I had read up a little about induction, I had been given a sweep the week before but nothing came of that. I had been having tightenings for weeks the midwife said it was a good sign but i still didn’t think anything would happen before I had to go in.

I went into hospital 6pm on Wednesday 10th soon as I got there, I saw my friend who is 29 weeks gone but is in and out of hospital at the moment because of complications, she actually calmed me down a bit, because I was still pretty scared of what was going to happen within the next few hours

Got explained what was going to happen and one lot of gel would be applied and I would be left over night to see if things would progress, I was also told that they were very busy and that I may get moved about a bit
I was then given an internal ( god that hurt, she must have given me a proper sweep because it was defo more painful then what my midwife did. I was shocked when she told me I was 2cm dilated already and that the gel wouldn’t be needed, I was a bit annoyed at this point thinking iv been having these pains for weeks and nothing is happening, so why would it tonight?! my other half had to leave at 9 I got really upset because I new I wouldn’t be able to sleep for the night, I didn’t get to sleep till 1:30 because all I could hear is babies crying and others getting up to go to the loo, when I finally did drop off, I kept waking up with period type pains ( again didn’t think anything of it )

6am I pressed the buzzer the pain was getting bad, I was contracting every 6mins, so I new it was the start of something. I lay there till about 9am ( at this point I really cant hack the pain ) my other half arrives, and I just lay there cant talk, and just give out a groan every now and then

Not sure how but I dealt with the pain for another hour, then demanded I have gas and air 10:30 got examined again, and was told im 8cm and they need to move my bed to the labour ward! get there and was told it wont be long before I have my baby, at this point im still going strong on the gas and air.... and all I kept being told is my water should go soon, 12pm and my waters still haven’t gone I try and explain that they never went with my daughter either and they had to be popped, anyway they decided to leave me another hour still nothing was happening. I had to move in all different positions to try and get baby to move down a bit, because even though I was 10cm dilated, babies head was still quiet high up.
Come 1pm she told me to push when I had a contraction in hope it would pop my waters... I did this for an hour, and still nothing was happening so finally they popped my waters for me ( ouch ouch ouch ) ( still only on gas and air I swear that was my life saver) i kept pushing for an hour still nothing was happening, I was feeling so drained and as if I couldn’t possibly go on anymore, the gas and air was making me extremely thirsty but they wouldn’t let me drink a lot, doctor came in and examined me, ( and OH MY GOD), she must have shoved her whole hand up there ) I never swore or screamed but when she did that, I couldn’t help myself, it seems when I had my waters broken, it gave baby more room to move about so now baby was facing back to back.. is the reason, I was in so much pain, and why me pushing was doing nothing, so I spend 20mins or so getting in 3 different positions to see if that would help him turn, ( it didn’t ) before I know it they are wheeling my bed out to another room, there was 4 other midwifes in the room and the doctor was there, I cant even remember then asking me, but a drip was being put in my arm

I read before a drip speeds up contractions and are more painful, 20mins after having the drip put in, contractions where coming constantly, I was still pushing with every contraction but nothing was happening, at this point I honestly wanted to die, I even shouted out someone KILL me. I cant explain how much pain I was in, I started to lose it, and said I want a c-section, I want an epi. obviously it was far to late for any other pain relief.

The rest was a bit of a blur, but I remember hearing the doctor saying, babies heart rate is dropping we need to do an instrumental so they undressed me while im contracting non stop. I swear I could have punched someone at this point. Then I was being explained to me why im in extreme pain all the risks that could happen and that if after 15mins nothing happens with the instrumental then a c-section will take place, I was sort of out of it on the gas and air but could just still about make out what was happening, everyone else had rushed out the room, my other half was there holding my leg and he said give it one last try, I screamed I CANT! before I new it.. I felt a real urge to push again, I pushed and I pushed and he said in excitement i can see the head.

The doctor came back in the room, and said you will give birth to him any minute just keep pushing, I cant put into words the pain I felt as his head came out, I felt like someone had ripped my insides out, I gave the biggest push of my life, they helped pull him out, and before I new it Adam Connor was born at 15:28 he was then placed on my belly, all I could hear, is he is a big boy they weighed him and he was a whopping 8lb12oz..... ( I was still high on the gas and air ) I cried because I couldn’t believe I had done it, I was then told he came out face up, and that’s the reason, I found it so much harder this time round, then when I did with my daughter.
My other half got to hold him, while I was cleaned up... I had a second degree tear, so had to wait a while to be stitched up, this hurt like hell, I’m still suffering real bad now.

Second time round, they say its meant to be easier, but the labour was far more difficult and painful then my first I feel like every muscle in my body was used & every bit of energy I had was taken! but of course it was all worth it, after I had my daughter, and me and her dad split I didn’t think id have any more kids, or find someone id be truly happy with again, I feel so blessed not only to have a great partner, a beautiful daughter but also now a handsome lil man

My family is now complete x

My world Paris & Adam
♥ Serenity ♥
♥ Serenity ♥
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Re: Adams Birth!

Post by ~MummyOfTwo~ on Thu Feb 18, 2010 10:14 am

your birth sounds sooo similair to mine with kayden.

i also had a 2nd degree tear. felt like im insides were being torn apart Sad

he is such a cutie hun Very Happy xx
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